Guide to the Site

I have always found that the four or five star rating system does not provide the adequate wiggle-room when truly analyzing a film. Thus, this site uses a rating system that is out of ten. To break down my thought process, 8 and higher signifies a truly excellent film that touches most of the things mentioned above. It has a nuanced story, superb acting, powerfully memorable moments and it transcends what is expected. The 7-7.9 rating exemplifies a solid movie that is worth multiple watches, yet lacks that magical something that truly elevates it to an 8.0 and above. It is rare that I will review anything below a 7, but if I do, it is a film that is worth a watch – following that, it is likely a movie you will return to in order to watch certain scenes or moments – not the whole thing. This site is designed to cherish great motion pictures and guide you in your movie watching decisions. You will not find poor films or negative reviews here.

Once a review has left the ‘New Reviews’ home page, it is archived within certain, easy to find sections – be it ‘Star Picks’, ‘Hidden Gems’, ‘Modern Miracles’, ‘Foreign’, ‘Classics’ and ‘Terrific TV’. Each section will transport you to a new page that will allow you to easily browse, search and find a review you are looking for. The ‘Star Picks’ has the added bonus of containing interviews with actors, directors, personalities, musicians, politicians, and other such people. This section invites you to gain an appreciation of movies that have influenced those people that one would rarely get a chance to meet. The ‘Blog’ is an area that will preview upcoming articles, bring up interesting ‘non-review’ topics and will highlight special events that I am covering.

I hope you enjoy the Filmizon experience as much as I do . . . now let’s get watching.